It's a common quote that friends are the family we choose. For me friendship is the most important thing after my family.I think friendship is all about being with each other throughout bad and good times. Caring for each other, never lying or hiding stuff. Friends have to know you very well they have to sense your happiness and sadness from your eyes and voice. They have to tell you when you're wrong, but they have to tell others you're right. True friends are always honest, they never gossip about you and will never leave you. If you get into a fight you forgive each other and solve problems together. Because you can't even imagine living without them. Because of those opinions I don't have many friends. These days, it's more about commenting each others photos on social media, eating pizza together, gossiping, being comfortable in your house, making jokes about you and never talking about important stuff. Friendship is so much more than that.I have 3 besties they mean the world to me. I'm honestly the happiest person alive to have them in my life.I believe that when something terrible happens, there's always a person, who will appear out of nowhere to help you through it. (it"is like god sends them to us because we need them). I met my 2 besties while I was having kind of bad time and without them I would never handle it that easily We always solve each others problems together and because of them my life is so much better. Guys, I hope you enjoyed this article and talking about friends. Now take your time to tell them how you appreciate them being in your life and tell how you love them. You're lucky to have good friends! I love you all!