I didn't think the world would turn out to be like this. It's stunning and ultimately it's fascinating, but I tend to use a neutral connotation to these words. I'm more interested in the peculiar than the plain, and people in society frustrate me to the point where I have a deep burning anger for dogs chasing other dogs' tails. You can call me Aelfine, and welcome to this article where I introduce myself.

You can talk to me any time you like! It seems like I'm a brooding, angry, anti-social person due to the tone of voice my writing portrays, but I swear I'm not that mean- or am I? I'm brutally honest (most of the time) and have opinions on most things I'm informed on.

I like being active and do lots of sport. I also like to write, create, and learn about space! One thing I don't know how to do is cook... I suppose that's a vital element for modern human survival, but I haven't gotten around to perfecting that art yet.

If you have a really weird skill-set or a particular skill, I'd love to hear about it! Comment what it is or message me. I love learning about new things and would be keen to learn from you!

That's just a little about me. Thanks for reading!