Jane Doe, that's what she is. I know her name, i know what she likes and she doesn't, but i don't really know her at the same time. My name is Radito, people call me Ditto, a 22 years old dude who loves to love. I've been playing Tinder for awhile since i broke up with my ex.

At first, i played it for fun, it's like reading a magazine with endless page with other's profile in it. It's fun knowing that each individual is so different from one and another. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, i saw this girl's profile on Tinder, blonde hair, blue sharp eyes, sexy lips, and most importantly, funny "about me" profile, she's perfect. Without taking anymore time, i superliked her so she could notice my profile so i'd have a better chance matched with her.

Next couple of days, surprisingly, we matched. I was so happy, really happy, i sent her a message immediately, and like any other guy, i sent her a pickup line, a cheesy one. "Hi, i'm writing a book at the moment, but it's missing something that i can't write" i said "can you help me out?". She replied "Sure, how can i help you?", little did she knows that it was actually a pickup line. "Great!" i said "i'm writing a book called "The Phone Book", and it's missing your number". She sent me a lot of laughing emojis and replied "It was a good one tbh". But i didn't stop there, i've been planning to get this girl since the day i saw her Tinder profile, so i came up with another one. "Here:7659744" i said. "What's that?" she asked. "My house's wifi password in case you wanna come over" i replied. She laughed with caps locked on and flood my inbox with laughing emojis again, and i haven't done yet, i aimed to make her laugh with my lines as much as possible. Well, the vision is to make her smile, the mission is to make her happy.

After couple rounds of me shooting my best pickup lines, we started to talk and chat on Tinder. We talked about all things, everything, from what other people usually talk about and what other people usually not talk about. The topics were random, and i enjoyed that randomness, i enjoyed talking to her, and maybe, i was starting to fall for her.

To be continued..