hello! how you all doing? i hope you are doing so good :). so… in this post i think about post the best series on netflix (at least for me). and also im going to write a little bit of the sinopsis so you can see what it's about! so let's get on the post (that sound like a youtube video lol)!

gossip girl

you must have seen this serie, otherwise… why do you even have netflix?! jk, but it's like a classic in our era. it's about this girl, serena who came back from boarding school, she has this bff named blair and blair has nate and nate's bff is chuck. everything its so confusing to tell but they all live on the Upper East Side so they are rich. anyways, you have to see this.
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the vampire diares

soooo good if you like drama and fiction. these two vampires will make you love them with their looks. it's about elena, she's a girl who lost her parents and lives with her aunt and brother. when she returns to school after summer, she meets stefan who is a vampire but she doesn't know that (yet) and stefan has a brother named damon. elena also has a bff named bonnie who is a witch. it's a loooot of stuff so you have to see it :)
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grey's anatomy

i must admit that if you are decided to see this serie you will cry a lot! and you will never know what it's going to happen because well… that actually happens with medicine. but beside that, everything is so good! and idk but i love the fact that has 13 seasons lol. sinopsis: meredith is this normal medicine student who finishes so she has to be a resident at the hospital so a night before her first day she gets drunk and have sex with some random guy but it turns out that this random guy was the head of neuro… that's where our story begins.
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gilmore girls

i think this is more like a tv show than an actual serie. its really funny and if you want to see something with your family, this is the kind of show. its about a girl named rory who is a normal teenager living with her mom. that's basically, there's no drama but i think no drama for once is so good :)
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this is a tv show but I NEED TO PUT IT HERE, okay? its a classic. if you haven't watch it, which is weird, what are you doing with your life?! im not going to write a sinopsis for this because we don't need to!
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i have so many many more series but i think this post is long enough! i hope you like it and see you next time, bye :)x

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