Hello fellows! In the following article I would love to share with you guys some tiny things I love about the Netflix Original show "The end of the f***ing world". I hope you'll like it. So without any further ado, let's jump straight into it!

The Protagonists

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At first I was very, and I mean VERY irritated by the fact how violence-gloryfiying first few episodes and especially the main character were. But then I understood that there was a deeper meaning to it. That the evolvement of the characters stood in focus. An with that they really become pleasant at some point. Even the insults of Alyssa. You kind of understand them in a very rundown way. Also this is very important: If you are easily getting triggered or have emotional instabilities then I do not recommend it to you. Netflix has a secret talent creating very emotional content, I cried as well, a little. Ok that's a lie. I cried a lot.

The Actors

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Staying by these wonderful creatures I want to take a moment and appreciate their acting skills. They are playing the roles of emotionally messed up teenagers so well! The looks in their eyes had me feeling sorry for them all the time. They really did a good job!

The Intimacy

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I love how their relationship builds up step by step. At the beginning they were nothing but strangers, but in a couple days they became more. They have experienced more than most of the people ever would. And I am not quite sure if that's a good thing... You will know what I'm talking about when you watch the show.

The Roadtrip And Settings

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Alright, I guess I don't have to say anything to this, right? Roadtrips are freaking cool! Also, I love forests.

The English Accent

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Okay, I guess it is the interaction of al the aspects - so not only the british accent. Alex Lawther, the whole surroundings and even his dead and psychotic character. If you analyse his character you will understand that there is more to it than a phsychotic character.


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Awkward Scenes I Guess

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As you can see, there are plenty of them.
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When the car crashed and she laughed. Girl that ain't funny at the moment. You can laugh in ten years about it.
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=teotfw&context_type=search The "So I pretended to be in love with her."
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Love, you can not simply point out the bad sides of a person. It's just not nice, even for you.

My Favourite Scenes

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The purest thing I've ever seen.
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He is just slowly opening up. And I love it!
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"Maybe he is asexual." - I love it that they brouqgt up this topic.
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Most of the time they are kissing uncomfortably awkward but this scene was just pureness.

Fanart And Edits I Loved

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I really wished that Booze was part of it.
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I guess this is it. The end of the f***ing world. I hope this article wasn't too long. But after binge watching this show I felt like letting all out. You know? And yes, I am aware of the fact, that many people are writing about this gorgeous show, but me writing about it is jsut another sign to watch this show. The more peeps watch the more episodes will be out. Howbeit have a nice day, night, or whatever, time is relative. Stay lovely! xoxo Sam




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