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Valentines Day

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Okay so most people think this day is only for you to celebrate if you're married or dating someone or have a significant other... like Romantic love is the only love to be celebrated??Dont get me wrong thats great and all but...

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We so quickly forget about all the other love that surrounds us everyday, from our family, our friends, our pets, and the best kind, agape love Gods' for us Unconditional love!

Grab A Galentine <3

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Buy your bestie flowers, go on a Galentines date like me and my sis are doing tonight. Order pizza, watch a movie, dress up , drink kombucha , go to a workout class together or go get fancy & go to a fancy restaurant together #treatyoself and celebrate the loved ones around you cause YA'LL DESERVE IT !!!

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I created two videos on my channel to further help you celebrate this oh so special day of love <3

Valentines Day look Sweet enough to eat

Being single on Valentines Day and Why its a Blessing


Grab A Galentine and some chocolate and check them out xo

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PSST Remember you are SO LOVED on this day and everyday !! You are so special, so unique, and created in Gods image gen1:27, just think about that for a second, the next time you're feeling down ...

until next time, xo
Paisley Paige