Hello there!!! Well tomorrow it's Valentine's Day as you know, which means that maybe if you are single as me, It won't be that pleasant.

But wait!!! That's why I'm here for, Valentine's Day doesn't mean having a boyfriend or girlfriend, It's a day to love. Not only your partner, bestfriend or whatever. TO LOVE YOURSELF. So take this day as a "ME DAY" Let's get started:

Have a Self-Care routine in the morning

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Okay, there is not a better way to start this love day with a good Morning Routine.

First wake up early, wash your face, clean it with a gel or something, scrub and then moisturize. After that drink water an do a quick workout, some yoga, pilates or even cardio. Just to feel with more energy and burn some fat.

After this, take a long and relaxing shower or bath if possible, with essential oils, exfoliants, bath bombs or a normal soap. Wash your hair, do everything possible to feel relaxed, after that you'll fill great.

Treat yourself with a nice breakfast

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This is your first meal of the day, make it count. Try it to be healthy and full of fiber. That doesn't mean to eat something that will make you be starving all the morning. Have a nice healthy breakfast. Oatmeal with some fruits and peanut butter, a great smoothie bowls, scrambled eggs with veggies and integral bread toasts...there are so many options.

Listen to music

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Music really help us to cheer up our mood. So choose a nice playlist or even create a new one with all your favourite happy songss on it.

Or maybe just chill music, indie, bohemian, pop, classic music, jazz, country just pick the ttype you love and listen to it.You can listen to it by doing other things or maybe just relaxing.


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Taking care of yourself not only means the outside. The inside is even more important. Take this day to make yourself wiser and if you don't like reading so much... Go on and grab a fashion magazine or even a photography book. I promisse you'll learn something new, and learning It's just amazing.

Watch movies/series

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I'm pretty sure this will be like your favourite time of the day, continuewatching that series you love or choose a new movie to watch, here I leave you some of mi favourites:

-Bride Wars
-Grown Ups
-Just go with it
-The Duff

-Gossip Girl
-Pretty Little Liars
-The end of the f***ing world
-The Fosters

Make a gift to yourself/treat yourself

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If you choose treating yourself, go on and buy chocolate or something with it, there is nothing better than chocolate or ice cream on valentine's day. Eat something delicious, watching netflix if possible, that's just marvellous.

And guys, if you preffer going out and shop. Go ahead, you deserve it. Feel like a diva and shop,shop,shop.

Or even if you choose both, It's okay. It's your day.

Well guys, that's all, hope you like it. This is my article number four so go ahead and follow me and my articles collection, I'll make sure to make this 2018 a great year

Happy Valentine's Day you gorgeous!!!

Bye Bye

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