today i feel like telling you guys about sth that have been in my mind lately. soo this semester started 3 weeks ago . and from the first daaay i saaw a guy , he wass tall with brown wavy hair . there was something that attracted me to him , i have no idea what it was but from the first moment i was so attracted to him , i know it sounds silly but anyway i see him on Sundays , Tuesdays and Thursdays . i started to get attached to him like i only go to see him and when he is not there i get mad and pissed . the weird thing is that i don't even know him , like i know his name and i stalked him ( typical girls habits ) that's just it . and lately i have been thinking why am i feeling this waay ?? like why the fuck am i attached to him this much ? plus let's not forget the 24 hours that i spend thinking about him . soo that's it... please if u have anything to say don't hesitate to send a message . i waant ur opinions . if u wanna talk on kik this is my username (maviii99)