Hemophobia is the fear of blood.

This started back in around 4th grade when I running at recess and this HUGE branch made me trip and I fell. I thought it wouldn't been bad but when I looked at my knee's... I started bleeding :(

I got sent to the clinic and the nurse lady told me to wash it off and will give me a bandage but... I tried... I got dizzy and I was going to faint, which what does, Hemophoba will make you dizzy and your eyes will get blurry a lot and you can't resit so I tried but I couldn't took me about 10 minutes or so to clean it off and I did.

Games with blood or anything like that doesn't affect me but REAL blood will make me dizzy and faint and so I try to resist the most I can or else I will faint.

You see, Hemophobia is dangerous for me and I wouldn't even take a peek if blood, it will my stomach clutch and its disgusting for me :(

Hopefully I will get better but who knows, but Science is a BIG thing because WE ARE LEARNING ABOUT THE HUMAN BODY! I cannot do this, yes, even realstic body parts affects me bad unlike blood [Hemophobia]

Well, that's all and comment below if you also have Hemophobia and thank you for having your time to read and I appreciate it!!
Hopefully I get better...