Hello everyone, and welcome back! For today, I decided to share some of my favorite apps with you guys! There really isn’t much to say, so let’s get on with the article!

#1. We Heart It

Okay, yeah. Pretty obvious that this will top the list, but for those of you who use WHI on a computer/laptop, downloading the app is a great step forward! There are cool features on the app that are not of a computer, such as reacting to articles, and is much easer to access images when you can only carry around a smaller device.

#2. Tumblr.

This is a great app if you ever want to find nice photos or write blog posts. Tumblr is also a website, so you should totally get the app! One of my favorite things about Tumblr is that you can have separate blogs, under your own account, but it can have different usernames and such depending on what you want it to be about.

#3. Pinterest

Last photo-finding app, I swear! Pinterest comes really handy in not just finding nice images, but being able to organize them. Unlike WHI (where it’s also easy to find/organize photos), there are features that can help you make one (or more) specific collections private, or you can collaborate with others to find the things you love!

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#4. Duolingo

Yes, this is an education game, but quite honestly, it’s really fun! I always have competitions with my mom and sister to see who can do better in languages. It’s a great way to practice a new language, and it really has helped me be better at Mandarin Chinese!

#5. Spotify

Not only is this app really great for listening to your favorite songs, but there are many ways to discover new music as well! You have to pay if you want Spotify Premium (which basically means no ads), and there are times when non-official songs aren’t there, but otherwise, it’s a really good app! (Currently, I’m listening to Crystal Snow (by, you guessed it; BTS) on Spotify.)

#6. Netflix

I’m sure all of you guys know what this is, but in case you don’t, it’s just an app for streaming some amazing shows or movies. I’ve spent hours on this app before, and even though it isn’t really productive or anything, it gives you something to do! Also, there are many Netflix Originals that you can only find on the app/website, such as Orange is the New Black, or better known now, Stranger Things.

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#7. Sleep Cycle

This is one of those apps that help you track you sleep cycle (if you can’t tell from the name lol). It’s actually super useful, especially if you are in need of a little lifestyle change, and want to sleep more (or less). It helps you see your sleeping patterns, and is like an alarm clock, but better.

#8. VSCO Cam

My favorite filtering and editing app of all time! I use this for all my filtered uploads on WHI. It doesn’t give you a watermark like most editing apps, and there are many features. Some you have to pay for, but if you know how to play your cards correctly, you might not need those others.

#9. FontKey

If you ever see those cool fonts on WHI Collections or other places, you might wonder where the get them. Let me tell you, it doesn’t come with the phone (at least I don’t think so). This app has a lot of cool fonts, such as the ones used in my bio, or where it says my name. It’s free, and you can delete it when you’ve finished typing (that’s what I do).

#10. Sky Guide

I’ve always had a fascination with astronomy and the sky, so this app is very useful to me. It helps you learn more about constellations and the stars, which I think is very cool. Unfortunately, this isn’t free (it’s $ 2.99), but I say it’s totally worth it.

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#11. Evernote

Although I say this about almost every app, Evernote is truly one of my most used apps, as it is very useful. Basically, you can take notes, and it’s kind of like the regular notes/memo you get with the phone, but better.

#12. BTS Crush Saga

I actually just got this game today, but man oh man, I’m obsessed! This game, obviously, is more for the ARMYs out there, but if you love cute little faces and sick background music, this is the game for you! It has kept me occupied for a long time, and levels vary.

#13. Wattpad

Last but not least, here is Wattpad. There are so many reasons why this is an amazing app. One being you can read so many amazing stories, and the other being that you can write them! I actually have not written one yet, but as you all know I love writing, you can see why I’m so obsessed with this!

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So that’s it everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I’ll see you for my next article!

~ Caylie

P.S. Yes, I did change my username (from @everlastingtears to @dystopiaglory)