Hey everyone!

I recently wrote a poem that was inspired by an article I read by the lovely @Pyurie. Check out her article and account here:

I don’t think bullying or the effects of bullying are spoken about enough, nor is the impact that bullying has on peoples lives. So, my poem is about words and how they can hurt if used in the wrong way. I hope you enjoy it!


you throw your words at me like a firing gun
searing through my skin
running through my mind
shattering my heart into a million pieces
your words are tearing me apart

just because they are not physical
does not mean they are not despicable

girl, black and white, and gun image broken, glass, and black and white image

losing confidence
losing faith
losing hope
giving into the shame

just because you cannot see them
does not mean you cannot feel them

alone, amazing, and beautiful image Image by photo de profil/les couples

i may not look the way you do
i may not dress the way you do
i may not speak the way you
but what did i ever do to you?

just because words can hurt
does not mean they cannot help

Abusive image bird, girl, and black and white image

do not use them as a weapon
use them to strengthen
to inspire others
to spread happiness to one another.

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Thank you for reading! If you are going through a tough time, please remember that you are not alone and that there are people who are willing to listen and try to help.

~Kαrα x


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