People often hear this word and think of paint, sketches, museums, and elementary school classes.

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For me however, I think of poems, beautifully written stories, and touching speeches. I think of the words that just roll off your tongue in any language. How the romance languages sound so beautiful.

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People often undermine how deep words can strike a person. Sometimes, just a few worlds can change a person's life, and I think that is truly beautiful.

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Personally, I've never really been artistic or good at art in the traditional sense of things, but I have been good at writing and using words. While sometimes pictures can convey a deeper meaning than words to some people, words can convey the deepest meaning to me when used correctly.

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Let's not forget music here either. Yes, music is art, too. Theater is art, dance is art, music is art, writing is art. Songs move people. You get swept away in the melodies, and when there are lyrics, they strike deep with you because they are the words you can never find to say for yourself.

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So please remember, Art is more than just what's in a gallery.