This is article is full of really chill K-R&B and K-HH songs that I like. I hope you like them too and listen to some of these songs. Enjoy!

1. Instagram - Dean

dean, gif, and music video image
this song is the whole reason I decided to make this article

2. I got this - Jay Park

kpop, jay park, and album image
this song is a little sexual but I love it

3. 21 - Dean

dean and kpop image
this song isn't as chill, but I love the beat and it's nice to listen to while doing homework

4. Palette - IU

iu, gif, and kpop image
It's nice and soft and it features G-Dragon. The whole M/V is full of aesthetics too.

5. 굽 (Feat. Loco) - NO:EL

굽 (feat. loco) and heel no:el image
There is no M/V for this song but I really like it :)

6. Cigarette (Feat. Tablo, MISO) - offonoff

colde, offonoff, and clubeskimo image korean girl, MISO, and lq image
this song makes me see love in a different way

7. Gold (Feat. Dean) - offonoff

boy, offonoff, and club eskimo image fashion image

8. Love - Dean

dean and kpop image
this song is in english but it's still pretty good

9. Bad Habit - G. Soul

golden, g.soul, and gsoul image

10. Take Me - MISO

gif, girl, and MISO image
the gif above is just a small clip of the m/v. it's all animated but the song is so good

11. Dance - offonoff

offonoff dance image
I really like the way it sounds you are outside of somewhere hearing the music, until you walk into the place and hear the music clearly

12. Serendipity (Jimin) - BTS

bts, jimin, and serendipity image
this song is EVERYTHING

13. Overthinking - offonoff

offonoff image
I've had this song on repeat for forever

14. Stigma (V) - BTS

bts, v, and taehyung image
the high notes in this song are ??? so beautiful ??? I WAS SHOOK

15. I Am You, You Are Me - ZICO

gif, zico, and block b image
issa bop

16. Thirsty - Taemin

gif, SHINee, and Taemin image
not as chill but HOLY NCJDKSJN

17. Sweet Lies - EXO

exo, baekhyun, and power image
I'm sure many of you are familiar with EXO, but if you don't know this song, GO LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW

18. Universe - EXO

exo, gif, and kpop image
so soft :,))

19. Untitled, 2014 - G-Dragon

1988, g-dragon, and gd image
repeat, repeat, repeat

20. Okay - Jackson Wang

gif, jackson, and JB image
this song is so good that I don't even have a caption for this. It made me speechless

btw this is my first article, and I hope y'all enjoyed it :) I hope you like these songs and might be doing a part 2 soon because there are so many more songs I want to do.