I have seen the #thisismechallenge and thought it join in on the trend. I just started writing so I thought you guys could know more about me through pictures.

  • Hobbies
book and article image book, coffee, and autumn image bullet journal, bujo, and journal image Basketball, sport, and green image
  • Style
jacket, style, and vintage image riverdale, serpent, and jacket image adorable, and, and baby image riverdale, cole sprouse, and kj apa image
  • Favorite things in the world
eiffel, europe, and france image ice cream, food, and summer image dog, christmas, and snow image riverdale, boy, and cole sprouse image

And that my friends is it. I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me. If you wanna see more of me please follow. I am soon gonna make a Cole Sprouse article hope you like that. So yeah bye . Till next time. Love ya.-Anzor