Hai! (: this is my first post on here so it may be a little bit sloppy. I know I'm not the only one struggling to stay motivated, keep a positive mindset, and stay overall happy, during these cold sunless winter months. thank goodness there are only few months left!! anyways- i hope these tips will help you keep happy until spring arrives!

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exercise and/or stretch for at least an hour a day

It is so important to stay moving. set a time each day to engage yourself in physical activity. whether it works best when you first wake up or after school, it doesn't matter, either way it will help you get feeling better! I personally enjoy doing pilates, yoga is great too. and of course sports + working out is perfectly good as well!

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the happy living of hygge

the word hygge comes from a Norwegian word meaning "well-being". there are a lot of ways to explain what hygge is, but in my mind it comes together as "coziness of the soul" and "taking pleasure in the presence of soothing things". Hygge is about atmosphere and experience, a feeling of home and safety. It's all about the lighting, the enjoyment of simple things, and coziness. that could be cuddling up to a fire with some hot tea, burning candles, or maybe placing warm colored fairy lights around your room. if you need to relax, go make a bath, light some candles, play some jazz music, and have a moment of hyggestund.

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stay in contact with friends & people who support you

i get it, its so easy to distance yourself from friends when youre exhausted and have much to worry about. but try to reach out and talk to at least ONE person you love to talk to, each day. it will keep you from feeling lonely, and it helps if they can make you laugh :)

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buy a journal and write in it

buy a clean blank journal (or one you've never used) and fill it with positive quotes, happy memories, poems that make you feel something good, photographs of things you love, etc. this will give you something to do when you're bored. it could motivate you to stay positive on your worst of days.

I hope these few ideas can encourage you to stay happy! xoxo