Dear Readers,
I will do some other articles about my exchangeyear (tips, feeling, ect.), because there are nearly no articles about exchange years.
My dream of an exchange year started about 4 years ago.
Yes, thats a long time and it´s not normal that a ten year old wants to leave it´s homecountry as fast as possible and never come back. And if there would have been nothing holding me back, I would have done my exchange year with ten. No lie. Soooo, my exchange year will be this year. I will leave for half a year and live in Melbourne, Australia. But to be honest it was a long jouney to even know these facts. Here will be some tips on how to realize your dream of an exchange year:

Talk to your parents

I guess this isthe most important one, because if your parents dont allow you to go or dont have the money, you don´t have to start searching all the other stuff. But! I have a tip for both problems:
1. If your parents don´t want you to go make a presentation with all the advantages of an exchange year, ect.
2. there are tons of scholarships! And you don´t need top grades for every single one! Just try your luck!
Now if your parents don´t have anything against it ask for their help in nearly every desicion. You are their child and they care about you (and also sometimes know more about the world).

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Decide the time and the place

time: wich year will you be able to go abroad? How long do you want to go? (maybe I will do another article on this one)
place: What do you expect from the country? What is important to you?
Search for a country wich will work best for you (psst Google is your friend)

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Search for an organisation

I would suggest visiting some kind of event where alle the organisations introduce themselves. But you could also google and order the free magazines they offer to send to you! And then there will be a lot of paper work but it will be worth it!

These were just the first steps but I hope you enjoyed it! have fun on your exchange yeat!