Saw this challenge in @Robertarrrr articles and decided to do it too since I am literally obsessed with HP!

○ Which house do you belong to?

harry potter aesthetic

○ What is your Patronus?
Scops Owl

animal owl

○ What is your favorite female character?
Luna Lovegood

harry potter harry potter

○ What is your favorite male character?
Remus Lupin

potter harry potter

○ What is the female character you hate the most?
Dolores Umbridge

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○ What is the male character you hate the most?
Peter Pettigrew

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○ Part that made you cry:
After all this time? Always

always always

○ Wand, Stone, Cloak:
Wand (mine is made by elm wood, Phoenix feather core, 12 ½" in lenght and pliant flexibility)

blue blue

○ What is your favorite subject?
On my podium there are: Ancient Runes, Divination and Alchemy

harry potter alchemy

○ A spell you would do in real life?
Imperio (so I could control people's mind and let them do whatever I want)

book imperio

○ Your position in Quidditch?
I don't play Quidditch. I'm more of a bookworm

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