As people we're basically predestined to meet others get in contact with them speak with them and eventually fall in love with them gain or loose trust in them build friendships or get hurt. That way unrequited love can occur or beautiful memories can be created, however on some days I feel like an empty shell, with no process made, not wanting to do any process, with all the festivities passing by me. Occasionally hurting others even though, I don't want to.

Personally I think the stress that young people have to endure in school is just unfair. On top of that teachers and parents keep criticizing them, even being rude to them. All I want is a nap and some rest accompanied by a warm cup of tea so that I can get over my cold, and nor writing a 6 pages long essay that will take my precious time away.

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I really like the comfort and warmth tea gives you when you hold it in a lil cup

What I really wanted to say that as previously mentioned in my other article, I will gather all my strenght, apologize for my behaviour and try to better myself. Waking up in a better mood and hopefully get though the next day, fighting for a better time with sweeter memories than the day before. If you also struggle from a bitch face and maybe coming off as really mean when you are tired, I hope you can do the same. You don't need to apologize consequently. Take a little time for yourself. Wait until things settle down a bit and the other person has also rested a bit and then say what is on your mind. Don't just force an apology. If they really care for you then they should be able to understand. Please never go into a day while feeling worthless. I noticed over time that if you don't believe in yourself first no one will. So please make the best out of your time and try to smile more instead of crying.

Like in the last one some great songs I enjoy and hopefully you do too.

  • Lately the Day 6 Songs just seem so appealing to me especially the lyrics sound so emotional and beautiful .
please feel free to message me and let me know if you'd like an article for valentines day!
-i have lots of sad stories and got lectured sometimes so my wisdom has increased hahaha