All the beautiful things I wanted to experience now I'm experiencing, my life has changed by 180 degrees. I started to do what I am doing, what I enjoy, I have not bothered those mischievous people in my life who said that I would not reach anything ... and even those people who enjoyed only when I fell down. My life was suddenly the way I always wanted it. And then I woke up, destroyed, no profit, like every day my whole life, I got tired of getting out of bed, just because I had to wash my teeth was too much for me.At school I was worried the few hours like everyday. All day I did what I always did. Just for an hour out with my friends, I felt like I was really happy. And maybe I was. And in the evening in bed it started again ..... the idea of ​​life I want. And still around. And so will I die. No! The girl will not die, you are reading it. You have life ahead of you. Stop looking at people who do not. I know it's easy to say but harder to achieve. These people have been and will always be.Do not let them spoil what you want. Start your mornings differently. End your dinner otherwise. Rob things differently. Do what you want. What makes you happy. I also know that you do not read this first but try to imagine what it will feel when you get what you want. Let it take 10 years, but once you are where your thoughts are. Well, if you do not do anything, your life will still only be in your thoughts.