What is up guys! I hope you all are having a fineeee Monday! 
Today i just wanted to share with you what i use for my skin, since alot of people ask me on a daily basis. So here goes. The first thing i use is,

1. Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub

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Let me just tell you guys how awesome this is like literally. It plays a major role in not only keeping my face clean but also like allowing my skin to be smooth and not bumpy with blackheads and pimples etc. 

I usually scrub it on for the most 20-30 seconds then rinse. You can do this while you shower or after. For me i love doing this after because i know my face will get an extra cleanse after my bathe.

To dry your face, make sure to tap the towel on your face instead of using wiping motions. Because it leaves your face super sensitive and you dont want to scrape or hurt yourself. 

The second thing i use,

2. Cocoa Butter

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Okay so the reason why i decided not to put a picture of the product is because the one that i use happens to be homemade. However, store bought ones work just as well. It may seem strange as people usually use this for their body. But, you'd be surprised how well it works just the same on your face. It balances out your skin tone, rid your face of dark marks and blemishes and it has your face BABYYYYYY soft. 

I like to use this after the Clean and Clear Scrub, to soften my face (kinda as a moisturizer after bathe). I also like to use it before i go to bed. It seems really greasy at first when you put it on. But trust me, during the night it oxidizes into the skin and does its job. 

And lastly, the most affordable and easily accessible, 

3. Water

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Water. Water. Waterrrrrr. Only the best thing on the planet!!!! 

Water cleanses your skin and hydrates your  skin. And most importantly its free!!!! 

All you have to do is ensure you have a healthy, balanced amount of water in your system each day! You can count your glasses of water you consume or do what i love to do. Carry around a measured water bottle, big ones, fat ones, tall ones. Choose any one to your liking. Fill them up during the day and watch your skin glow. 

If you really want to spice things up. Monitor your skin, with just water for atleast 1 month and enjoy your progress! 
I hoped this helped someone that has been struggling with acne, feel free to comment and leave some suggestions. I'm always happy to hear feedback! 

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