Red it's such a trendy color right now, specially with Valentine's Day coming soon. It's seductive, playful, and glamorous depending on how you use it; so here are some tips for it:

Lipstick & Nail Polish

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for me, there's nothing more classic yet stylish and an easy way to look "fancy" (even on a budget) than red lipstick and nails.


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you can go for an all-red outfit or just wear whatever you want and top it with a coat of such color. You will instantly look more fashionable.


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whether it's a bag, glasses or socks, just try adding some.

Monochromatic Makeup

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if you want to go further than just red lipstick, try a monochromatic makeup look, or red eyeshadow/liner.


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in case you don't want red to be too noticeable, wear it on stripes.

At home

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candles, art, furniture, dishes, pillows, walls, windowpanes, it can be anywhere!

Valentine's Day Special

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Hope it was useful and you enjoy your Valentine's Day whether you are in a relationship or not.