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Valentine's Day is right around the corner and it's one of the best holidays for creating all of these makeup looks I'll be showing you! Who else is so excited for Valentine's Day?!

Pretty In Pink

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This is such as good look for Valentine's Day! Create the look using pink eyeshadow, lipstick, and a pop of blush so your cheeks will look cute and flushed!

Classy Pin-Up

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This look is so universal and very flattering on everyone. Take black eyeliner and create a thin line on your lash line, flicking it out on the end for a perfect cat eye! Finish with red lipstick and your best smile.

Nude Glam

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Use tans, nudes, and browns for this look. Double your bronzer as eyeshadow and your highlighter for your lid color. You can keep the eyes simple or make them pop with liner and false lashes. Nude makeup looks are so beautiful and sexy!

Red! Red! Red!

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It's Valentine's Day! Plan on wearing a little black dress? Make your eyes and lips pop with a hint of red eyeshadow and lipstick. Try and avoid blush- it could make you end up looking clown-ish!

Gold Eyeshadow

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Gold eyeshadow is sooo pretty! Use golden eyeshadow or glitter on your eyes and use either a pink, nude or red lipstick. To make your eyes pop more, add liner and false lashes!

There you have it!! I really hope you liked this article and I hope it helps inspire you to create your Valentine's Day makeup look! Have an amazing week and Valentine's Day!!!!! xox