This is just one of my poems I hope you'll enjoy.

Listening to our song,
I wondered where you were,
Now that our memories
Were only dust
Collected in the back
Of my head.
You always had that smile
That could take me
To another world,
But it faded more and more
As our days came to an end.
Your eyes reminded me
Of green fields
In deep summer,
But they became clouded
As you lost your love for me.
The last thing I remember
Was your soft voice,
You sang to me all night
And that
Never really weakened.
Now all I have is this song,
A picture of me and you,
And an empty feeling
In my chest
From all the pain.
One day I'll be fine,
This song won't be a memory,
And all we had will creep away
The same way you did
That quiet August night.