To be honest I can't get enough writing about study motivation. Every time i start to make an article about it, the words come naturally and I feel kind of relieved. That's because it's great when you share your experience with others and get their support, too. It's a win win deal ♡

Here is my study motivation part 3. I hope it'll be useful to you 😊

1. Talk to a friend ♡

Lately you've been a lot under the pressure from all the homework & projects.You feel like you can't anymore, like is never going to be better. What's the best advice? Definitely, talk to a friend.
I know you think it'll be totally a waste of time because nobody can understand you. But remember, You can't deal with it all by your self. Nobody can. Maybe talking to a friend won't give a solution to your problem, but knowing that someone is there for you, that you aren't alone, will make you feel better, kind of relieved.

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2. Take a deep breath & think positively ♡

It's 00:00 Am (or more), you're extra tired, extra nervous, but still your mind is wondering for the next day: What if i fail the test, what if i forget everything that i read?! Then, you start crying and everything get's worst. It's a routine now.
Take a deep breath and think positively: as i'm doing my best, i'm going to get what i want. Even if i forget something what's the worst thing that can happen? It's not the end of the world if i get a bad grade. I'm going to work harder to upgrade it.
That's all, it seems hard but if you repeat it to yourself a couple of time you'll feel a lot better. Remember: If you can't help yourself, then nobody can.

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3. Remember why you started ♡

For what are you doing all this? I know, for a better life, a life that gives you everything that you've dreamed for without depanding on others. That's exactly what I want, what we all want & what are we going to get. Keep working and you'll see the results, maybe not now but in the future you'll thank your old self for not giving up. I'm sure we all will.

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4. Believe in yourself ♡

Feeling confident it's all what you need. What are a couple of homework or projects for you? Nothing!!! You can do bigger things than that. If you believe in yourself, in your capacity you are going to get everything you want.

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Inspiration ♡

Thank you for reading & rating my article, Evi ♡