First off, I'd like to say that this article was inspired by a gifted writer named Alexandra Petrica and her article - "How To Love Yourself". Please give her article a view. She has brought to light a guide to loving yourself. Now, I have written my version based off what Petrica has taught me. I hope that you may like it, and find it useful.

Self indulgence is rarely given recognition for the significant role it plays in an individual's life. It is often portrayed as being stuck up, arrogant, or conceited. The true fact is it's not about having negative qualities. It's about having not to rely on others to give you what you need, which may be to feel loved, cherished, and appreciated.

I know that many have experienced this feeling of hoping that someone will come along the way to rescue you in a way you feel necessary to encounter happiness. I've felt this way myself, yet the only way I've figured to appease myself of this is to learn to love myself, or be self indulgent. How does one be self indulgent? You may ask. Simple by these three tips.

  • Tip one - Always take crucial care of your mind and body. For a healthy mind don't let anything negative stress you out. Make it irrelevant. As for your body along with the basic needs such as, bathing, doing your hair, and getting dressed. Treat yourself to something special by doing your makeup, buy new clothing, or just have a relaxing spa day.Trying something new may be rewarding.
  • Tip two - Be real with yourself and others. If you know that you don't want to be surrounded by pessimistic/ drama fulfilled people then don't associate yourself with them anymore at all, and make it known that you're not for mess. Peace will be more likely to appear in your life.
  • Tip three - Find a favorable hobby that you'd like to do, so whenever you may feel indifferent it lifts you back up. Whether it be listening to music, dancing, or posting pics/blogging online. Whatever you prefer best.

Bottom line, make sure to put yourself happiness first, anything that is negative make irrelevant, and zone out into your own comfort. When this happens you're self indulging. Once you do self indulge you may not even need anyone else to love you. You can just love yourself at peace.