Get out of your comfort zone and start adventuring month by month!


adventure adventure

Go hiking in a near path, mountain, forest or even a road as long as there is nature and new things around. Feel the fresh air. Take pictures and search for plants, animals or places you found curious during your journey.


adventure car
Road Trip

Get a car and some friends, then drive without destination, without hurry, without rules, without stress or any problem. Get out of the road if you see something interesting. Create memories with your friends and learn new things as you have fun.


camping Superthumb

Find a place where you can camp, beautiful and secure. Make your camping house, make a fire, eat marshmallows, watch the stars and pass the night in peace.


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Involucrate with animals

Pet more than just dogs and cats. Look for other kinds of animals and pet them. Don't let other people tell you how does a lion smells like or how does it feels like, YOU tell them.


fly adventure
Try an extreme activity

You can fly an helicopter, go skydiving, swim with sharks, shoot a gun, ski, kayaking, try a zip-lane or anything else or all of it. Try something that makes your adrenaline reach the sky.


beach Superthumb
Beach Day

You can go swimming, surfing, boating, kayaking, diving or just lay in the sand, just don't forget to visit this beautiful environment.


bike bike
Ride in bicycle

Make your ride through the town in a bicycle. Enjoy the air and time with your friends, it is an experience you'll tell your sons about. It is also great for your health.


beach Superthumb
Food Trip

Make a road trip with a destination: food. Visit any place were you can find different foods and try all of it. Your tastes will grow and so will your person.


blonde Superthumb
visit a waterfall

It will be cold during this month but that will be another experience! Waterfalls are an awesome experience and a beautiful environment.


Superthumb boy
met new people

If you haven't met new people by then, then dedicate this month to it. Talk to random people that seem nice to you. Talk to those people you have always wanted to talk with. Talk to old friends.


best friends girls
party hard

Party hard! Visit different parties, bars or wherever there's craziness. Hang out with friends, dance and have fun!


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After a long year of adventures you should start traveling and create the same memories but in different countries every year. Don't stop until you have met them all!

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Remember that every experience, bad or nice, is an adventure!

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