Literally a list of 70 small things for you

1) Melted chocolate

2) a really tight hug

3) Being able to put your phone to charge when it's in 1%

4) A unexpected cute text

5) Winning in your favorite game


7) Listen to music in max.

8 )A pijama party

9) Seen a cute romance

10) Laughing until the belly hurts

11) Drinking hot chocolate when it's really cold

12) Listening to some good advice

13) Taking a good picture in the first try

14) Everybody singing together

15) A campfire

16) Seeing God's love in the small details

17) Sunrises

18) Sundowns

18) That sensation after going through a test week

19) Getting a good grade after studying a lot

20) Old picture books

21) Learning about new cultures

22) Walking behind someone who smells really good

23) Getting in line before it gets really big

24) Fireworks

25) Old friends

26) Re-watching your favorite series/ film

27) Shows

28) Eating leftout pizza for breakfast

29) Air conditioner in a really hot day

30) Cake dough

31) Late night conversations

32) Meeting new people

33) Finishing a good book

34) Motivational Quotes

35) Talking to wise people

36) Going out with friends

37) Going to the cinema

38) Doing what you like

39) The little pain after exercising

40) Seing people being passionate about what they love/ believe

41) Compliments

42) Buttered popcorn

43) Realizing a goal

44) Being in peace with God and the world

45) Dancing like there's no one watching

46) Eating your favorite food

47) Realizing that your flaws is what makes you a human

48) Sleeping

49) Doing something you thought you couldn't

50) Making a child laugh

51) Looking at the things around you

52) Hot showers in cold days

53) The sensation during a Roller Coaster

54) Getting over a fear

55) Feeling good in your favorite clothes

56) Cuddling

57) Forehead kisses

58) Family lunch

59) Waking up and realizing you still have time left to sleep

60) Finding money inside your pocket

61) Free wi-fi

62) watching to your favorite series

63) a Bouquet

64) Holidays

65) Learning new things

66) Watching a film while it's raining

67) Self Love

68) Surprises

69) Beaches

70) Shining stars!

IF you want a part. 2 or have any articles suggestions, please send me a DM! I would love that!

And you, what are the little things that makes you happy ?