This story contains strong scenes, that for some may seem offensive!!!!!!

She close the door and fall down to the floor. Her tears flow like waterfalls down her cheeks. A hundres thoughts run in her head. How can she, the happiest girls in the world, become something like this? She stands up, but her leg is like a newborn calf. She have to write it down, she walks over to her bed and collapse in the safe bed. Between her tears she could only write a couple of words. She doesn't know were to go.

Why did the say that? Doesn't they know what she is going through? Of course not, she is the happiest girl in school. She has won several prizes for being happy. They loved her smile and her laughter. The fake smile she puts on every time she walks out of the door. The fake laughter she has spent svereal years mastering, so the others don't see trough it. So they don't firgure out the fact that she cry herslef to sleep every night. That her taers make the pillowcase wet every night.

She pick up the tool on her desk before she pulls up her sleeve. Her pink lines across her wrist appeard. She runs her fingers across the blade to the knife in her hand. She place it on a open spot on her wrist and press it down. The blood stsrt to run down her arm. The sight of blood used to make her nauseous, but after a long time she is used to it. The cut goes deeper than the other, but it takes away the pain. The warm blood continue to flow down her arm, and she looks down, it is only getting thicker and thicker. As she gets dizzy her true smile she the light, for the first time in several monthes. She falls down to her bed with the smile on her mouth and thinks "Finally I'm free"