Nowadays being 'artsy' bacame such a trend. In my opinion there's no problem with it, I'm happy if people experience art. But there's one thing that fucks me up pretty much: when artsy bloggers on Instagram or We heart it or anywhere call themselves artists. Now, there's a great difference between being an amateur and being an a r t i s t. So, if you find van Gogh's Starry night nice, it doesn't means you are an artist. So much about it, I'm sorry but I had to write it.
So, I can state that self-expression is the most important thing for me in my life. Maybe it's a cliche, but that's really my main target in life to manage to be myself without any impediment. And that is art, I think. The projection of smaller and bigger things in the artist's life - or in the public's. Even the most abstact artist has nothing but life as inspiration. The question is what he grabs in it. People? Or objects? Events, memories, pain, pleasure? Of course he will choose the one which takes his fantasy the most at the moment. That is how I interpret art, I mean of course it's only a small part of my point of view, but I hope it's understandable. To become a connoisseur, you don't need to read serious critics about famous statues or paintings, not at all. The best way to explore what is art and what it means for you is to watch pictures from different ages and styles, and tell yourself honestly - or even write it - what you can see in it. Even tiny details that seems to be crazy to notice. Oh and one more important thing: you don't need to see 'life' or big things like this in art, because not everything is about it.
If you are really interested in art, go explore artists and styles - Klimt, van Gogh and Monet aren't the only ones. There are a loads of underrated artists waiting for you to be mad for them. If you find an artist who is close to you, I mean your lives are similar, or he particularly inspires you, it can help you in hard decisions or situations. You can be a real art lover, and trust me, it will make you unique and special.