This is the first part of my column about how to survive being a teenage girl and how to reach all your goals. Follow me if you want to stay up to date. I am going to tell you about my own experiences. Feel free to ask me anything that you worry about!

1. How to style the perfect bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where you may spend most of your time. That's the reason why your room should match your personnality and your life perfectly.

  • most important thing: pictures ! Print out pictures of things that make you feel happy like your friends, family, pets or the sexy actor you have a crush on - create yourself a wall of memorys which make you feel super happy, everytime you look at it.
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  • secondly: plants should be your friends! They spread a great fresh smell and your room gets a touch of naturalness. Choose colourful flowers which match your favorite colours.
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  • thirdly: pillows ! If you want the perfect fluff factor for your bed, you should add a lot of pillows. The more - the better! Because let's be real, a bed can never be comfortable enough and they are also very very decorating.
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  • fourthly: fairy lights ! They are not only very pretty, but also very calming and romantic, perfect for sleepovers or home dates with your crush. Believe me, every visitor will love them and you will fall in love with them too! By the way, they are so tumblr.
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  • fifthly: mirror ! Every girl needs a mirror in her life, to see how perfect she is! Because you go girl, so you should feel like a model standing in front of your great big mirror. And of course you can take great pics in front of this decor item!
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  • sixthly: open wardrobe ! Your clothing expresses who you are, so you should make them a part of your room. It will underline your personnality and by choosing the coolest pieces of clothing, you can impress every fashion lover who will enter your room. Furthermore the open wardrobe will inspire you to be more creative in your daily clothing routine!
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  • seventhly: bookshelfs ! Everybody loves reading! And if you are reading this article, I am sure, that you are part of the bookclub. For this reason you should collect all your favorite books and arrange them on shelfs. Everytime you look at them you will remember all the pictures, that you created in your head by reading them. The visitors of your bedroom will be impressed by the amount of books and they will learn a lot abut you by rummaging through the titles.
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That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed reading and I would love to hear about your ideas how to create the perfect room. Follow me to stay update to all the following parts of this column!
-XOXO Jamie