Hi guys, how are you? I hope you're fine! Today I feel a bit tired, I have a lot of commitments ....
At this moment I found some time to write the article, so I would say to start!

12.Describe a typical day in your current life.

Well, my typical day starts when I wake up in my bed at 7:00 am.

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At that moment I went immediately to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. When I finish preparing it, usually, before starting to eat, I take a photo to post on Instagram, where I own my food diary. Then I can finally eat! Usually for breakfast I eat a cup of milk or Greek yogurt, with whole grains or rusks with jam, and then always a fruit, like an apple or a pear. On a full stomach I have to take my pill for the mood, it helps me stay calm.

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After I go to the bathroom to wash and when I finish I get dressed and I do my makeup. When I finish I prepare my bag with the school supplies and my snack and when they arrive at 9:00 am, I leave the house and go to school with my friend.

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We arrive at school at 9:15 am and the lesson starts at 9:30 am. I attend a private school, so times are a bit different from the usual ones. At 10:30 am there is a small break, so I eat my snack. After resuming the lesson, and at 12:00 we leave school.

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I come back to my home with my friend, she and I live almost close. At one point we say goodbye and I walk into the house. I put my things in my room and go to the kitchen to cook my lunch. Usually at that time my mom is still at work, so I have to cook. I have luch at 12.45 and I usually eat a plate of pasta with sauce, or rice with vegetables.

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After lunch I always make myself a cup of green tea and when I have finished, I go to my room and take half an hour of an exercise bike.
When I finish my training, I rest a bit on my bed and then I relax while being at the computer and every day I write an article on We Heart It.

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At 3:30 pm I do the afternoon snack, consisting of fruit and Greek yogurt, I wait for half an hour and immediately practice some exercises in my room to keep myself in shape.

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When I have finished, I help my mother with the housework or helping her to do the shopping and when I have some free time, I dedicate myself to my passion, the drawing.

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Arrived a certain time I start to cook with my mother and at 7.00 pm I have dinner. Usually for dinner I eat meat, fish or chicken, with some bread or potatoes and a side dish of vegetables.

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After eating I always take my cup of green tea and in that case I decide whether to go out with my friends or stay home to watch a movie with my family.

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At the end of the day I always write three pages of diary and when I arrive at 11.00 pm, I put on my pajamas and go to sleep.

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So, I hope you enjoyed the article, we'll talk to each other tomorrow.