to the boy who i secretly cared about.
the boy who thinks he is worthless.

i know i can't do anything about the situation.
i can't change her mind to do the opposite things she did to you.
i could just simply watch from afar.
i'm one of the audience.

what i could do is just react.
sounds pathetic,
but it's true that i don't get any position in the story.
i could only watching you crumble beneath the screen.
far inside my head i scream "you don't deserve the breakdown."

i know from the start you are an amazing person.
you basically an ace, at least in my head.
and that can not just came from anybody.
well, what about your heart?

are you strong enough to handle the pain?
are you wise enough to get up again and accept the truth?

-------- i know she kind of a bitch sometimes but someday i want her to appreciate someone who likes her, even though she doesn't like them in return. at least just a day. please. please. please. ------------

i want to cracked up the walls between us.
i want to get up on stage
to hug you
i want to cherish you
i want you to feel what i feel
all the bottled up feelings,
i think it will spilled up,
if i do that.

i want you to know
you are amazing,
for me.

i want you to know,
you will always have my back.

you don't have to return it.
because i don't actually exist in your reality.

what i want you to do
is to continue your life happily,
for yourself.