Hello beautiful strangers, glade you're here right now. and hope you gonna appreciate it (even a little bit...). Because what's I'm going to talk about today is not the most simple part of my life (I wish it was...) or the most apreciable thing to talk about, but... I have to because I want to moving on and be a better version of myself. So I think that writing this would be a good idea to keep my resolutions up and to not forget them (thing that I already did it ...twice, maybe more ?).The idea is to compare yourself now, with who you want to be in the future. We will see during this years if writing really gonna help me for my project.

Ps : this project is purley personal but if this idea please to someone, why not ? (and by the way I'm a French girl so sorry for the mistakes)

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Examples of my current self :

- Personal : I overthink too much ; Lately, I'm giving to my friends less time to talk with me for example.

- Health : I do not workout as often as I should ; I don't sleep enough.

- School : I cannot manage my time well enough to achieve my goals ; I I do not focus myself everytime on my goals > I become more and more lazy

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The ideas now is to be (after being honest with yourself) analyse every "parts" of your life so you can improve on these areas and move on or be a better one after. It's not always easy but most of the time, it's worth the pain and time.

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Examples of my future self to improve :

- Personal : Do not overthink this much. Find a solution for spend more time with my friends. Try to going out more often again.

- Health : Try to sleep enough and well. Start to workout more often.

- School : Try to find a balance in my life. Find more time and use it well.

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Hope you liked this article ! I give you all my love and kisses. - C.