All the combinations below are calculated to serve 400-600ml servings.
Adjust the measurements to obtain the desired quantities.

●Vegetable / Fruit Base + Main Ingredient + Ingredient Optional = A delicious green juice●💕


•First, we must decide what will be the basis of our juice.

•1 carrot and 1-2 green apples:
•green apples and half a lemon
•Cucumber boy and 1-2 stalks of celery


Choose any of the bases above ☝and combine them with one of the following ingredients:

•3-4 leaves of kale and two stalks of celery.
•½ small lettuce and two stalks of celery.
•Medium small lettuce and 4-5 broccoli sprouts.
•6-7 broccoli sprouts, 1 red / yellow chili and a quarter lemon.
•2-3 leaves of chard, a handful of spinach and ¼ lemon.
•Half bitter gourd a 1/8 pumpkin.
•6-7 leaves of romaine lettuce and 4-5 stems of asparagus.
•½ of jicama and a slice of lotus root.
•A handful of spinach, 1 red / yellow hot pepper and ¼ lemon.
•6-7 leaves of romaine lettuce, ½ head of cauliflower.


Adhere some of the optional ingredients to give it much more flavor.
•Chia seeds