I've collected in the past years tips that are helpful when traveling, since I travel quite often. Please note that all of these tips are for long distance journeys, in airplane.

1_ Put Clothes/Fragile Things Inside Shoes

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Whether it is for saving space or for protecting something delicate, putting things inside shoes is useful. Putting something that might break inside a shoe prevents it from moving too much inside the luggage, and therefore crashing.

2_ Rolling Clothes For Packing

Instaed of folding the clothes, rolling them like sushi is a space saver. This way you can put much more clothes in the same amount of space, and prevent wrinkles. Also, by rolling the clothes it is easier to accommodate things inside the luggage and be more organized.

3_ Big Luggage, Small Luggage & A Bag

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This is for 2 weeks or over 2 weeks travels
Most airlines allow one big luggage that is despatched and a bag that the person takes with them in the flight, per passenger. If this is the case, you should make the most use of it, and use the bag as a "in case something goes wrong" luggage and put emergency things for if your big luggage gets lost (this may happen if you do stopovers between flights), for example a shirt and underwear among other things.

However, some companies allow a small luggage and a bag with the passenger in the flight. This is very convenient, and usually is for long flights. If this is the case, you can use the small luggage as the emergency luggage and your bag for personal stuff. Also, if you are taking small fragile things and are worried that they may break inside the luggage, you can put those inside the small luggage. This way you are sure that they are safe.

4_ Weigh The Luggage Before The Flight

Although in the airport your luggage is weighed, if you are worried that you are near the limit weigh, you can weigh it in the hotel since most hotels have something to weigh the luggage, you just need to ask.

5_ If You Can Buy It There, Don't Take It With You

There are certain things that you can buy in the place you are traveling, for example sun cream, hats, nailpolish, among other things. This is space and weight saving. However, if spending money on those things is not in your plans, by all means take them with you!

6_ Enjoy & Take Photos

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It is important to capture beatiful memories in pictures, but it is also important to actually enjoy them while they are happening. Sometimes we are so involved in taking pictures or filming the we forget to enjoy it, it's like living your trip through a screen. First see and enjoy, then take out your camera. This way you also asure yourself that you are taking pictures of important things and not just filling the memory card.

7_ Do Research Before Buying The Airplane Tickets

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Doing research before anything is important because there might be some requirements to travel to the country, or simply to know better what are you going to see and the history behind it. I find that when you know what happend in a place or how a monument was created you enjoy it more that if you just simply go to see it.

Also visiting the council of the country in your country (if there is one) for further information is useful, you can ask for the address of the council or your country in the one you are traveling to. This way if there are any inconvenients or legal problems you know where to go.

8_ Check The Expiration Date In Your Passport/Visa

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This is silly, but actually caught me into trouble, because my passport wasn't expired... yet, but for traveling you need it to be at least 6 moths valid until expiration, and mine was 3 months. Luckly I was able to travel anyways due to the country I was going to it was only required no to be expired. But still, be sure that before buying anything your passport is in conditions.

9_ Avoid High Heel Shoes In The Flight

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Not only you won't be very comfortable, but also if anything happend during the flight and an emergency landing was needed you would be asked to leave your shoes behind, because it would be difficult for you to get out of the airplane and therefore obstruct the exit for the rest of the passengers.

10_ Plan Your Journey Ahead

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You can start planing what you are going to do on specific dates of the trip before actually being there, for example if you need to buy in advance an entrance tricket. Everyday before leaving the hotel you should know what you have planned to see and visit, this way you make sure that you have covered all the important places from your interests when you have to go back home. Also, you'll find it more efficient if you are in a city for few days.


This are 10 tips for traveling, I have a lot more, so if you would like me to write another article with them just let me know ;)

I hope you liked the article

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