1. My family

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My family is probably the thing that makes me the happiest. We always joke around each other and I can tell everything to my sister, and she's like my best friend.

2. Music

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I really love listening to music. I listen to music all the time, when I'm going to school, when I shower, when I workout and even now. Heres couple of my favorite songs at the moment.

1. B by Jaden Smith

2. Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares by XXXTENTACION

3. Roll in Peace by Kodak Black and XXXTENTACION

3. Long conversations

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I love having deep and long conversations. I love it when I haven't talked with one of my friends for a long time and we just start catching up with each others lives and talking about what we wanna do in the future and talking about our dreams.

4. Travelling

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Seeing new cultures, new people, new places, tasting new foods is one of the things that make me so happy.

5. Animals

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I get always super happy when I see an animal that is happy. I love when puppies are smiling, it makes me smile too.

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