- bake a cake
- make yourself a hot chocolate
- try a new recipe
- eat a healthy snack

chocolate, kinder, and food image fruit, food, and healthy image

- try a new hairstyle
- try a new makeup look
- paint your nails
- organise your products

braid, hair, and hairstyles image makeup, make up, and lipstick image

- organise your closet
- re-decorate your room
- change your bedding

room, bedroom, and white image shoes, closet, and heels image

- play an instrument
- water your plants
- play cards

plants, cactus, and green image guitar, music, and summer image

- have a bath
- use a facemask
- moisturise your body

bath, lush, and water image beauty and sephora image

- walk your dog
- go for a cycle
- go outside and pick some flowers
- do some stretches

dog, cute, and puppy image flowers, pink, and scissors image

- watch a new youtuber
- watch a new netflix series
- create a new playlist
- do buzzfeed quizzes

summer, music, and calvin harris image stranger things, article, and popcorn image

hope you found this useful! xx