When I was a little girl my mum used to read me these fairy tale stories every night before I would go to sleep, each tale was more beautiful than the last. Once I got a little older my mum had the unpleasant task of telling me the truth, that although those stories were beautiful, they were merely stories.

I'm no longer a little girl but I never dreamed that a man from Mumbai would bring those fairy tale stories to life. Thank you Mr Bhansali, for fulfilling the wish of that little girl, a wish she never knew would mean so much.

There were moments where dialogue ceased to exist but those moments needed no words, only heart.

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Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor in Padmaavat, 2018 directed, produced and written by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.


Deepika was both the sun and the moon. Her performance was effortless and graceful yet stern and assertive. I appreciate that she delivered her role with utter strength and conviction (especially in her tone) yet she also embodied the femininity and gracefulness that has been so sorely neglected in recent female roles.

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Ratan & Rani's first encounter
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Vulnerability is imperative when it comes to embodying the heart and soul of a character. When I first saw Deepika in the forest with her bow and arrow she was no longer Deepika and when I last saw her and her maidens commit jauhar to avoid being captured by Alauddin, I didn't know who she was.

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Queen Padmavati/Rani Padmini

All I knew was that a clump of my hair had made it's way to my hands, not realizing that I was slowly pulling out dark brown strands, afraid of what I knew was to come but also understanding why it was coming.

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Padmaavat, 2018
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The intensity in Deepika's eyes is utterly captivating

Her eyes made me feel a sadness that I was unfamiliar with. She then wiped the tear in the corner of her eye and placed her hand on Shahid's face. I assumed that they were bidding farewell but at that point I was drowning in both her beauty and her sorrow.

I fell in love with her speech to the maidens while the men were outside on the battlefield, telling them that they were outside ready to die to protect the dignity of Rajput women and that if the time should come they too must prepare to fight in their own way. Those words began to sing in my ears.


The crimson coloured saree's (that were worn by Deepika's maidens) had an incredible effect on me. I'm not completely confident about the symbolism behind them but I do know that they were raw, they were strong, they were sad and they were beautiful.

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A simple colour had a grave effect

The final scene was one of my favourite moments. That scene was very important for me because it's message spoke volumes.

I'm assuming in her mind Padmavati thought 'I would rather stare death straight in the eye than give myself to you' and just saying that aloud makes me shudder. I'm aware that some felt that Mr Bhansali was glorifying sati/jauhar but I don't agree at all.

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The Final Scene
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Deepika burns Ranveer's invitation
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The winds of change

That was a moment in history, that happened - the first jauhar of Chittor occurred in the 13th century. If anything, that scene demonstrated the undeniable courage of those Rajput women. I can't even imagine how they felt, I can't even imagine what they thought, all I can say is God bless them and the least I can do is appreciate their sacrifice.


Honestly, Shahid was a pleasant surprise. When I first learned that he would be taking on the role of Rajput ruler Ratan Singh, I was slightly disheartened.

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Padmaavat, 2018

I thought he wasn't the best choice for the role fearing that Deepika would eclipse his performance (being that she is the strongest actress among her contemporaries) and therefore the chemistry between them might feel imbalanced. But behold I had nothing to fear.

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Rajput ruler, Ratan Singh

Shahid was strong yet sensual and his powerful nature didn't come at the expense of his undeniable affection for his Padmavati. When Shahid was bathing Deepika in coloured powder in celebration of Holi their bodies began to move like music.

But if you wanted to know how much he loved her all you had to do was look into his eyes because they spoke louder than any love scene ever will.

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It's in the eyes

Shahid and Deepika's chemistry read like a sweet love letter. Nothing more, nothing less.

And now the time has come...


Ranveer was a beast in every sense of the word and while Deepika and Shahid provided superb performances, Ranveer didn't just perform in Padmaavat, he was Padmaavat.

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Alauddin Khilji

Every one of his scenes had me in an unbearable mental state. Whether it was disgust or intrigue or shock or lust I couldn't believe what I was watching, I just couldn't. The way he was feeding on an entire chicken while his soldiers were outside in the blistering sun with no access to food or water, starving and dehydrated - that was the least of his delicious debauchery.

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I've never seen one like him before
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Alauddin Khilji

In my eyes Ranveer wasn't a villain, he was something far more dangerous. I believe the key to becoming a great villain is forgetting the meaning of humanity and Ranveer was all too unfamiliar with that word.

It's been three days since I last saw the film and I still don't know where to put my emotions.

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A beast unlike any other

Whether he was ordering Aditi to make love to him or pouring a bottle of perfume on one of his female slaves and rubbing her body against his to absorb the scent or putting his enemies heads on spears and platters as if they were gold medals or attempting to bring Chittor to it's knees all for the sake of Queen Padmavati - whatever the case may be, he has earned this victory.

His disturbing obsession with owning everything that the world believed to be precious allowed us to understand the reason behind his crimes.

I don't know what else to say except...


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Padmaavat, 2018
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Have you seen anything like it?

Truthfully, no one else could have played Alauddin like Ranveer...no one.


Some only get to read about history but I was lucky enough to be apart of it, to be able to witness a beautiful canvas such as Padmaavat was both a privilege and an honour.

While some might say that I'm being a tad dramatic, to them I say, you clearly haven't witnessed history yet.

A lot of people have labeled Padmaavat as another cinematic masterpiece, a love letter, a poem, a painting but what I witnessed wasn't cinema...it was revolution.

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Deepika with the Legendary Sanjay Leela Bhansali

This is a film that India can be immensely proud of and will be for many years to come.

While Padmaavat did not shy away from tragedy, death, war, heartache and greed it still maintained one of the most romantic stories to be heard of - cities were demolished, rulers became enemies and people were at war all for the sake of one woman.

If you've made it this far I'm eternally grateful.

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