Hey, dreamers, I decided to make my aesthetic for you to know me better.

If you need anything I'm a message away, I love talking to you.


1. Sometimes I think I have two personalities, because when I'm down I just want to do a lot of bullshit (just like Effy), but when I'm myself I kind of do not like being a rebellious person. I'M WEIRD

Effy alcohol couple Effy

2. My favorite colors are black, blue and gold, but I really like all the colors, especially the primary colors, which remind me a lot of the 80's and 90's.

Superthumb ocean aesthetic Superthumb

3. I'm considered a nerd, because I really do my best in my studies and I'm always focused on school, and I almost always have the best grades.

book book bed book

4. I'm a cliche, you know that quiet, shy book / movie girl, so I'm just like her, and sometimes I get angry, and I turn to "my other personality" (this sounded weird, I'm not bipolar, but you know when you try to be someone you're not), but I end up coming back almost instantly to what I really am.

aesthetic bed Superthumb grunge

5. I have a diary, I do not know if I can call it diary, but it's just a notebook where I write everything that is happening in my mind, and also where I do my strange drawings, and where I write my poems and songs. IT'S LIKE MY SOUL.

girl b&w aesthetic bike

6. I define my style as basic gothic vintage, because I wear a lot of black clothes, and I love it because it is basic and stylish at the same time, but I'm also that kind of girl who loves dress and classic clothes with red and yellow colors and flowery prints which seem basic, but are incredible.

90s aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic

7. I love french movies, or any kind of european movie. They show everyday life as poetry, it's beautiful. The photograph, the cast, the script, everything fits perfectly. Besides always have fantastic soundtrack.

bath amelie amelie eva green

8. I want to live in an apartment in New York. This is one of my biggest dreams. Living in an apartment decorated by me, with my two cats, with large windows in the living room and in my bedroom. I hope this happens, I really want this to happen.

travel city apartment buildings

9. I'm a feminist. I have always had a strong and concrete opinion since I was a child. And I grew up creating and composing myself the way I saw society being more correct. That is why I became a feminist, to fight for my rights and the right of all other women, to make society a more equal way of life.

feminism Superthumb feminism feminism

10. I want to adopt a child when I grow up. I never had the desire to have children, but if I had I always thought of adoption. There are so many children in the world without parents, without love, without affection, and they need someone, they need parents. And I want to adopt some refugee or African child, because I feel that there is where those children are losing more parents. And I can not even imagine a creature so small living in a war environment without anyone.

Superthumb adoption baby Superthumb

So that's it, dreamers! I hope you have enjoyed it, I have opened my heart and soul to you!

See you soon, dreamers! xX

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