Last weekend I had a really tough time. I went through a really bad episode of my depression and it was close to the worst I had ever been. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to feel happy again and this morning I awoke not wanting to wake up at all. But that was a mistake. Today was possibly the best day of my year (to be fair it’s been a shit year) but today really was great. I went shopping with my friends and I felt so good about myself, I had fun and I got the stuff that I needed to get, and then I met up with my childhood friends who I had really been missing lately because I hadn’t seen them in like 2 weeks. One of them wasn’t there and whilst usually I think it’s not the same unless it’s all of us, this time I think it was slightly better that she wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong I love her and she is one of my favourite people ever, but sometimes, although she is lovely, she can bring some negativity, and today instead of that the three of us had a lovely time of positivity. We did makeup and talked about stuff and watched tv and ate pizza and played with her cat. It was lovely and exactly what I needed. I need this girls evening (despite one of them being a boy but he is just as girly as the rest of us and ended up doing his makeup flawlessly!) with only happy vibes. Don’t get me wrong, this weekend doesn’t make up for last week, but it is a start to the redemption of it. It was the best day of the year so far and it is the beginning of me piecing my life back together after that really horrible time. Today was a start, and I am so unbelievably grateful for it.
Extra note: Aside from this update that I am beginning to fix myself again, another thing to take from this is the though that I woke up never wanting to wake up again, and ended up having the best day of my year. There is always something good waiting on the other side, even if you can’t see it and it is important that you are patient enough to wait for it because in just a few hours, days weeks or even year you could be truly happy again.