Here you go complaining again,
Finding silly excuses for not making a move,
It hasn’t been super easy for you, that is true!
But this is life and that’s how things go.
You can’t just sit around and expect things to get done,
And then wonder why you’ve been getting so much rain and no sun.
Look at you,
Looking for a way while the choice is in front of you,
You know it but you’re just too scared, aren’t you?
You want everything to be perfect,
Everything has to be well thought and that’s a virtue
But maybe, for once, you should stop thinking and just do
The timing is never gonna be right until you make it right,
Things won’t just come around if you don’t fight
And if you fail, that is alright
Just like you got on your feet once, you can do it twice,
You can do it three times and four times,
Until you get what you want.

Stop thinking you’re not good enough,
Stop wasting time doubting yourself,
When you can be out there doing things that could change your life.
You keep working on yourself and learn how to be strong,
But are you really strong if you don’t even have the guts to do what you want?
If fear is your worst enemy then why do you keep giving up to it?

Listen, I know that life is unfair
Some people just have it all handed out to them,
But you are not one of them.
You are the kind that creates your own story,
Because at the end, life is a book,
You either choose to write it, or you let it write you.
And even though it might not be easy, it’ll be worth it
Because hard roads lead to the most beautiful destinations,
And it's never too late to start you own creation.
So stop thinking, and start doing.