Hello, if you don't like to study hour and hours.. spend all your day in this kind of situation. I have a little of tips. That can salve you.

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1- Create a collection

This can help you to feel more inspirate, and consequently have more ideas

2- Watch YT videos.
You can search and learn things. This is the most famous to be a productive person:

3- Images ♥
quotes that help me..

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4- Organized
Be more organized!

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5- Listen to musics
You can listen the musics that relax you..

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This channel is very good and therapeutic:


6- Have your own personality:
Use your own looks, of sure that you can get inspired..

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7- Make new friends!
the cools, not the silly ones..

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8- Pay attention

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Even if you don't want to.. You can learn a lot in the classroom and a little bit in home!

9- Have things
Itens that you like.. Like post it,customized books, case and backpack..

10- Help people
When you help your friends, you learn more.

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just kidding

11- Be *yourself*
Then you can know what you like the most, your favorite school subject, or favorite sport..

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Kisses Cat Girl

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