I listen to music every day, every evening and every night. Music is like my medicine. I need it to get through the day. Here are 12 songs that I like to listen to in the morning this 2018.

link to playlist

(in order)

Cold War by Cautious Clay

"yellow tinted lenses and a pink gelato"

opening line: this is the opening line of cold war, i listened and fell in love

Old School Turntables by Matt DiMona

"Peace signs, Your eyes
Girl you know you look so fine, it’s Just the two of us and your stereo"

the whole vibe of this song is euphoric, just perfect.

Side Effects by cehryl

"You are my sedative, you have to stay
Cause' you are the pilot in my hurricane"

really chill indie-folk kinda song

Life by WENS

"I'd rather drive along the coast a couple hours up the state
And maybe I can meet a boy who get's that I can't concentrate"

this song was in Hannah Meloche's video and I immediately idolised it!

Lifetime by Lili Kendall

"all through the night time you are my knight in shining armour
that dolce & gabbana"

all i have to says AMEN!

Distraction by WYNNE

"I don't know if it's trust or sadness
I don't ask you anymore"

similar vibe to Old School Turntables by Matt DiMona

Work This Out by Litany

"If you want a chance, you've got to change, darling
Is there any other way? You've got to change"

shoutout to Charlotte Lawrence for introducing me to this iconic due

Blue Lights by Jorja Smith

"I wanna turn those blue lights into strobe lights
Not blue flashing lights, maybe fairy lights"

one word, BEAUTIFUL

Gave Your Love Away by Majid Jordan

"I said I love you, baby
And, I, I gave your love away"

this song has an old school morden sound and is perfect for cruisin'

Lost My Mind by BRIDGE

"Do you see better, can't wait
Really really lost my mind
That's how it goes sometimes"

This was on Olivia Jade's Instagram story as well as Bella Hadid, I LOVE THIS SONG SOOO MUCH & if you love it just as much as me listen to I Might by BRIDGE

Seventeen by Charlotte Lawrence

"5 AM and we're still dancing
Only us but we're still dancing"

dance, electronic & tropical vibe I LOVE (she also has new song out called 'Just The Same' go listen!)

Nobody Like You by Kaskade

"Ooh-ooh, I'm always thinking 'bout you
No matter what we go through
Ain't got to worry 'cause
There's nobody like, nobody like, nobody like you"

again thank you to Charlotte Lawrence for the introduction!