tell me your zodiac sign and i'll give you a place you should travel to.


Okinawa Island, Japan

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People who are Aquarius are usually unpredictable and curious. Japan will greet you with culture shock meeting your curiosity. This island is historic and is 400 miles away from Japan which is why it fits with your unpredictable tastes.


The Louvre, France

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Pisces are known for having an artistic mind which is why The Louvre in Paris France meets the criteria perfectly.


Waterton Park, Canada

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If your zodiac sign is Aries, you're known for being energetic and spontaneous. A good hike in Canada's Waterton Park will let you roam around and discover nature to converge with your energetic personality.


Lincoln Memorial Washington, USA

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People born under Taurus are known for being practical, sensual, and ambitious. Going to Washington will let you see places like the Lincoln Memorial. This landmark has the word ambitious all over it which is why they capture Taurus' ideals perfectly.


Times Square New York, USA

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One thing people say about Geminis is that they love to talk! New York City will not only allow you to meet one of a kind places but it's guaranteed you'll meet the most unique people there that matches your witty personality.


Lhasa Tibet, China

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Lhasa, Tibet has scenic views beyond compare. People who go there usually unlock something within themselves due to how focused this place is. This matches a Cancer's personality being intuitive, passionate and caring.


Casa Di Giulietta Verona, Italy

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Leos are driven by the desire to be loved and admired. Casa Di Giulietta, a famous house in Verona was inspired by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet giving you the perfect romantic atmosphere.


Buckingham Palace London, England

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Just like Kings and Queens, Virgos are very hardworking, which is why Buckingham Palace makes a perfect destination for a Virgo.


Mykonos, Greece

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Just like Leos, Libras are just as romantic and longing for love, they're known to be gentle and kind which perfectly highlights their romantic nature. Mykonos is known for their day and night parties making it a perfect scene for a Libra.


Kawasan Fall Cebu, Philippines

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Scorpios are known for their mysterious yet fierce personalities. Scorpios may be fierce but they're also calm and cool. The heights involved in the waterfall will be a perfect match for their bravery and fierceness, while the view matches their calming persona.


Kruger National Park, South Africa

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They're the best known travelers due to their energetic personality. Sagittarius would want somewhere where they're constantly moving to fit their energy. The safaris in South Africa will match their fast pace motion and their adventurous mind.


Luxor Temple, Egypt

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Last but not least, Capricorn. Capricorns are usually practical and conservative making history very intriguing for them. The Luxor Temple offers tourists description about ancient past and history making this a match for the strong minded Capricorn.
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