Being confident in myself has never been my strong suit. No matter what I would always find a way to tear myself apart piece by piece until I convinced myself that I was worth nothing. And school and society have always taught me and my friends who do the same thing that this is normal and sometimes even praised. Because being too comfortable with your body, looks, or personality is seen as being "conceded" or "narcissistic", but they've got it all wrong. My friends had it all wrong. I had it all wrong.
Accepting your body, looks, personality, and everything that makes you unique isn't "conceded" or "narcissistic". It's powerful. Once you embrace everything about yourself you are unstoppable. Do not let others define your self worth. You need to define your own self worth and trust me when I say you're worth more than you think you are.

And confidence is difficult sometimes. Accepting yourself is difficult, but sometimes you just have to follow the old saying: fake it till ya make it. Everyone has insecurities, but when you begin to pretend those don't bother you it actually can cause you to eventually not be bothered by them and instead embrace them. So embrace yourself for who you are and be unstoppable.