Hi hearters,
I know how hard is can be to find a job that you like. Your mother wants you to work because she won't pay you everything for the rest of your life. But you are studying and you have friends to go out with.
I know the problem.
Only last year I worked at three different jobs and now I am searching for a new one. And I want to share my advice about searching a perfect job with you!

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Know yourself.

This is important for everything, not only for searching a job. Make a list where you are looking to yourself. And let also other people make a list for you.
Write about what you can, what you want to learn, what you love to do and what your goals are in life.

My example:
I know a lot about telephones and the internet. About psychology problems. Math and Dutch are easy subjects for me. I can listen to people and I love to help them.
I want to learn German, Spanish and French. I also want to learn almost everything that is new to me.
I love to be around animals, watch Netflix, to cook and gaming. I also love it to go out but not every week.
My goals in life is to finish my bucketlist, I want to travel the world and move abroad. And if it's possible I want to be in movies or series or to be a model.

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Look at your lists and try to make some combinations. At first take off what is the most important or what you can use the most maybe as motivation or something.

Highlights: Telephones, internet, psychologic, math, Dutch language.
Listen to people, help them.
German, Spanish, french, making new experiences.
Animals, cook, gaming.
Traveling, movies, series, model.

Now you know this you can search a job where you can use your skills, where you can learn what you want or what you love to.

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Nowadays we can use the internet to find things way more easier. At first start with searching around you location. Something you don't have to pay to travel to it. Just walk in on something and ask or they are searching people.

If you want something else you can search on the internet. I do always use www.indeed.com. It's easy to search jobs near to you and anywhere else.

Curriculum vitae

People want to know you and what your motivation is at this job.
- Don't ever lie on your curriculum vitae!! -
You put some things about yourself in it like your name, birthplace, birthday etc.
Then you write down your studies and schools.
And after that your work experiences. But only what is necessary for this job. You also can choose to write down some internships or volunteer work.

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Know the company

Search on the internet about it. About people that maybe did shop there or people that worked over there.
Information about the comapny itself. Because they probably will ask you some questions about what you know about your future job. Ask yourself why do you want this. And just be honest. The truth is never a wrong answer.

Job interview

Don't be afraid if you can come over for a job interview. You made it this far. They are interested in you. Be yourself and relax.
When you are there, just smile to give a good impression. And when they ask you something do not only answer with 'yes' or 'no'. Show them that this is what you want.
And if you losing your words while you have your job interview, don't stress. Just tell them that you are enthusiastic and that's the reason why you're losing your words.

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