3.Describe your relationship with your parents.

This article is going to be so, so personal and normally I only share this part of my life with people that I really trust ... so here we go ...

First of all, my mom ... I love her with all my heart. Even though we are arguing a lot, I know that she always stays by my side. I know that she will always support my decisions and that I can trust her - no matter what.

Now, my dad ... I wish I could write the same things about him that I just wrote about my mom - but I can´t.
I can´t because he left my mom and me before I was even born. He never wanted to get to know me. And unfortunately, I will never be able to get to know him or even meet him once because he died a few years after my birth.

It´s really hard to describe my relationship with him.
When my mom got the message that he died, I was never really sad. That sounds so wrong and cruel but I mean he was a stranger to me. As a little child, I couldn´t realize what his early death really means for me. It means that I never got the chance to see him in person, hug him, talk to him, hear how his voice sounds and other little things like that
Over the years I had moments were I really hated him for what he did. I hated him because he obviously never gave me a chance to be a part of his life.
I also had moments when I blamed myself for the whole situation which was so wrong.
It was his own decision to leave and with every year, I learn to accept this decision a little bit more.

Please never take your time with your family for granted and enjoy the little things.

Thank you so much for reading! I love you guys!