It all started on September 2012 I was 13 years old, 7h grade. Mostly all middle schoolers go through some "awkward" phase such as an emo phase or some ratchet swag phase a.k.a the "popular" people, myself, and I wasn't part of that phase I was just an 13 year old girl who constantly got good grades, loved writing such witty stories, and listened to bubblegum bands such as One Direction or 5 Seconds Of Summer. During that year I hanged out with friends that listened to hard rock bands, every band they listened disgusted me because every song had profanity and sexual references. One of the most I HATED was Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Manson traumatized the shiz out of me after one of my best friends showed me his creepy music video "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell." I had nightmares after watching it and that is when I refused to listen his music or creepy face. Until September 2015 Sophomore year I was in class doing some math that is when I decided to listen to some music but then a new friend of mine wanted me to listen to some Slipknot song (another band I fell in love with) the song was really good and she was nice enough to let me listen more songs from her iPod. As I was scrolling down her music playlist I noticed she had a few Marilyn Manson songs. I remember I hated him through my middle school years but now I really don't. I began listening to his songs and I honestly began to love it and listened more of his past albums from the early 1990s to the present. Later on I became a Marilyn Manson fan and I completely understood the meaning of his songs and the way of being. The lesson was it's okay to be different the way you do your makeup, the way you dress, the way you do your hair, etc Same goes for the people who are different races, different sexuality, different religion or beliefs! But the main lesson is don't judge a book by its cover and keep it in mind because it's understandable that everyone has a different opinion.