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Today we turn to the great king of kpop - GDragon

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"Who the hell is this GD?"

Some Facts

Full name: Kwon Ji Yong
Date of birth: August 18,1988
Country: South Korea
Profession: singer, rapper, composer, songwriter, music producer, model
Stage name: G-Dragon, GD (유노)
Band: BigBang
Labels: YG Entertainment;
Universal Music Japan, Avex/YGEX;
Warner Taiwan;
United Asia Management

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Why they call him the King?

- The newspaper "The Korea Times" called him "a brilliant songwriter".
- According to the results of voting in Japan, G-Dragon took fourth place in the category of "Rap God". He also topped the list of "Forbes" as "The hardest working artist".
- Also, G-Dragon is influence on fashion trends of South Korea.
- Many young people who are engaged in a music career think of JiYong as their mentor.

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If an artist thinks about music as work, he will not be able to create a good composition. When someone is working, performing or just having fun, [...] it directly affects the music [...] the more I work, the more I feel that i learning and maturing at the same time.

No matter how you try, you still will have problems...

The contribution of G-Dragon in the creation of his own music brought him much praise but also much criticism.
At the time G-Dragon was accused of plagiarism, first song "With You", which he wrote for the Big Bang, and then the songs "Heartbreaker" and "Butterfly", which he performed as a solo artist.

But he didn't give up

In 2017, he released the album under the name "KwonJiYong". After the concert June 10, 2017, in Seoul at the World Cup stadium, which attracted about 40,000 fans, G-Dragon went on a world tour, M. O. T. T. E - the Moment of Truth The End.

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Mini-album and world tour brought to G-Dragon's success and new records.
So mini-album release topped iTunes in 46 countries, which at the time was an absolute record for a Korean artist. Given that the record was broken for 2018 only once, and that musical group, we can say that for a solo artist and musical groups KwonJIYong is the strap.

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PEACEMINUSONE it is the own brand of GD, which he presented to his fans a few years ago.
PEACEMINUSONE, is a reflection of the mindset and understanding of G-Dragon, where the word PEACE is peace and tranquility in a world is not enough (MINUS) place for peace and dreams of one (ONE).

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PEACEMINUSONE is the emblem of my album. Besides, it's my another name, which is another part of me.
- KwonJiYong
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