Hello dear readers!
Today I´ll write about DESCRIMINATION (of all types) and why it is destroying humanity. By humanity I refer to the charatheristics that makes us real humans, like, empathy, love and respect for the other.
Every single day I see it... In stores, by the looks that are given to those who dare to be "different", in the streets when a gay couple exchange affections (like holding hands or a kiss), when a person with different cultural belifes passes by, when a person of a different race passes by, or even when a person dresses in a very unique way....
I´m tired of watching this and stay silent.... NO MORE....
Maybe you noticed how often I used the word person. It was on purpose, because in the end we´re just humans and that´s it, no one has the right to discriminate other people based on prejudices... We have to open our minds and let all the differences in, that´s our beauty... Each one of us are unique and that´s OK.
If we accept it and all the LOVE that comes with that acceptance, WE ARE SAYING NO TO THE HATE AND NO TO THE DESCRIMINATION.

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"Make love, not war"

That´s all for today. If you have any question or anything you want to talk about, feel free to message me.

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